How To Travel More

Travel Credit Cards 101, or How to See the World for (Almost) Free

People are always asking us how we can afford to travel so much. As a teacher and a nurse, we don’t bring home exorbitant paychecks, and our bills pile up just the same as everybody else’s. And yet we’re hopping on a plane to someplace new every...Read More »

Which Travel Credit Cards are in My Wallet Right Now?

As I mentioned in Travel Credit Cards 101, which cards you get and how you use them will vary depending on how you travel. But to give you a specific example of how you can use these cards strategically to earn free trips, I wanted to share...Read More »

7 Tips for an Epic African Safari

I know what some of you are thinking: Africa is so dangerous – I could never travel there! So many people are wary of going to Africa, which truly breaks my heart.

Before you write off an entire continent, understand that Africa is not one monolithic place....Read More »

How to Travel the World With a Full-Time Job

A few years ago, when my husband and I were just starting our careers, we would take long walks together and daydream about the day – WAY in the future – when we’d be able to travel the world full-time.

As anyone living with wanderlust knows,...Read More »