10 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Before It’s Gone

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We just returned to dry land after an absolutely magical four-day live-aboard dive trip to explore the Great Barrier Reef!

While we kick back in Cairns and write a longer post about the whole experience, we wanted to share a few of the gorgeous photos Aaron captured on the reef.

As stunning as this ecosystem was to us, it was sobering to hear divers who had returned from past years remark about how quickly the reef is dying. If this awe-inspiring spot is on your bucket list, now’s the time to see it.

If you can’t make it there yourself just yet, here’s a taste of what we experienced this week! It was a magnificent reminder that our planet is precious and fragile and we all need to tread more lightly if we don’t want to lose it.

Fish and coral on the Great Barrier Reef

Day one of the trip – the reef was stunning from the very first moment!


Lionfish on the Great Barrier Reef

A lionfish glides along among the coral.


Coral formation on the Great Barrier Reef

Sculpture-like coral formations.


Schools of fish on the Great Barrier Reef

The sheer number of fish living on the reef was overwhelming!


Minke whale at the Great Barrier Reef

We were incredibly lucky that a pod of dwarf minke whales chose to come check us out while we were snorkeling.


Clownfish hiding in anemone on the Great Barrier Reef

A clownfish guarding his anemone home.


Colorful fish on the Great Barrier Reef

Name that fish! We saw so many stunning varieties we couldn’t identify them all.


Barracuda on the Great Barrier Reef

A barracuda saying hello to Aaron.


Fish peaking out of coral in the Great Barrier Reef

The dive guides always reminded us to check in each cave and hole because something would probably be hiding inside.


Sunset on the Great Barrier Reef

Sunset on the boat after a long day in the water.

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