Swimming with Whales on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

  Seeing the Great Barrier Reef was at the top of our must-do list from the moment we started planning to visit Australia.  With global warming destroying the reef even more rapidly than scientists had expected, we knew this would likely be our last…


8 Ethical Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

First of all, what exactly do we mean by ethical travel? As any of us who are lucky enough to get to explore the world know, travel is a great privilege – and therefore a great opportunity which we can either seize or miss. Every…

Male lion yawning in Ngorongoro Crater
Travel tips

7 Tips for an Epic African Safari

I know what some of you are thinking: Africa is so dangerous – I could never travel there! So many people are wary of going to Africa, which truly breaks my heart. Before you write off an entire continent, understand that Africa is not…

Why you should travel solo - especially if you're married!
Travel tips

How to Travel the World With a Full-Time Job

A few years ago, when my husband and I were just starting our careers, we would take long walks together and daydream about the day – WAY in the future – when we’d be able to travel the world full-time. As anyone living with…

Beaches Travel

One Week in Costa Rica

While there are many things we love about living in Seattle, 6 months of dreary, gray weather each year is NOT one of them. So we escaped to the secluded beaches of Costa Rica for a week, and caught up on half a year’s…

Emily at Ebola clinician training in Sierra Leone
Ebola Humanitarian Travel

A Day in an Ebola Treatment Unit

As a nurse, I am fortunate to be able to lend a hand in neglected areas of the world. In February 2015, I deployed to Sierra Leone to help battle West Africa’s unprecedented Ebola outbreak. This post was written on my first day caring for…

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