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Our Favorite Ethical Animal Encounters

SLoth SLeeping at the Jaguar Rescue Center near Manzanillo, Costa Rica

It’s no secret: We’re animal lovers. Our dog sleeps in our bed, we swerve wildly to avoid squirrels in the road, and our messenger apps are full of videos with titles like “Kangaroo and Monkey: Best Friends!” So whenever we travel to a new part of the world, encountering the local wildlife is high on our to-do list. But nothing stamps a negative memory onto a place like an exploitative animal experience. From riding elephants to posing with tigers, tour…

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Wildlife & Waterfalls in Australia

Press play to see our adventures in Queensland in 3 minutes! (Be sure to turn your sound on!) Toys used in this video: DJI Mavic Pro drone, Olympus TG-4 underwater camera, and an iPhone 7 (which mostly survived sliding down a waterfall)…


Swimming with Whales on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

  Seeing the Great Barrier Reef was at the top of our must-do list from the moment we started planning to visit Australia.  With global warming destroying the reef even more rapidly than scientists had expected, we knew this would likely be our last…