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Loving life on safari in Tanzania

Hi, we’re Emily and Aaron!

Who we are: Ethical adventurers

A nurse and a teacher by day, we’re lucky enough to have lots of time off to explore the world. Our style of travel is ethical, sustainable, and preferably off the beaten path!

You’re likely to find us road-tripping through a new country, volunteering in support of local communities, and sharing the stories of the locals we meet. We’re happiest when sporting dusty faces and giant grins from our latest adventure.


What we believe: The way you travel matters!

The choices you make – what you pack, where you stay, how you spend your money – have a real impact on the future of your destination. You get to decide if you want it to be a positive or a negative one!

We hope to inspire others to travel not only more often, but also in more meaningful ways. We believe that travel done right can broaden our understanding of humanity and make a positive impact on each place we visit. We do our best to travel ethically and sustainably, and we want to help other travelers do the same!

Experience has also taught us that most life-changing adventures happen when you step off the tourist track. The stories you’ll be telling for years to come will be the ones you create for yourself with a place and its people, not the ones you get from an impersonal tour!


What we know: No one’s perfect (us included!)

We’ve learned plenty about traveling ethically during our many years on the road, and we’re still making mistakes and improving. If you ask us, the point is that you’re trying. You’re part of a movement towards ethical, sustainable, responsible travel that will make our world a little better with each incredible adventure. Pretty cool, huh?

Our goal is to help others travel in ways that help, not hurt, the astonishing world that we all share. So we’re sharing our stories and tips – compiled over years of experience – in the hope that others will be inspired and empowered to travel like it matters!


Writer, Trip Planner, Budget Enthusiast, Registered Nurse

Hi, Emily here! I’ve had insatiable wanderlust ever since my first overseas trip as a baby, when I slept calmly at my parents’ feet throughout the flight. It was while living in Tanzania that I realized I’d never get the travel bug out of my system, and decided to do whatever it takes to make wandering the world a central part of my life. I have a background in journalism and I do all the writing for Two Dusty Travelers.

By day (and sometimes night) I am a Registered Nurse. I have a passion for humanitarian nursing in the developing world and have volunteered in nearly a dozen countries, including working in an Ebola clinic during the outbreak in West Africa. I go on medical missions once or twice a year and share those stories on Two Dusty Travelers as well. Any nurses out there interested in getting into humanitarian service, hit me up!

Stuff I love: Secret beaches, feminism, Africa (yes all of it), dogs, rum, a really good book, chocolate of all kinds



Photographer, Website Manager, Tech Expert, Elementary School Teacher

Aaron is my husband, but just as importantly he is also a teacher, photographer, technology genius, Eagle Scout, and generally handy jack-of-all-trades. He’s constantly picking up a new hobby or mastering a new skill, and will say yes to just about anything you ask him to try! Without him, I would be doing all of my writing in a journal instead of on this beautiful blog.

Aaron is just as happy camping in an igloo on a mountainside as he is scuba diving in the Caribbean. The only thing he doesn’t enjoy about travel is leaving Jude, our rescue pup, at home. Aaron manages the website, takes all our photos, wrangles the drone, and generally cooks all our meals.

Stuff Aaron loves: Mountains, Star Trek, dogs, gin, karaoke, the Seattle Sounders, fruit of all kinds


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